Rare Studios officially improved the quality of life in Sea of ​​Thieves with the recent update, Lost Treasures. One of the most important additions to Sea of ​​Thieves with the recent update is the checkpoints that allow you to easily come back in what you were doing when you left the game for the last time, rather than Create you in a local port. From now on, players can leave the game at any time without worrying about losing progress in their Tall Tables mission. Sea of ​​Thieves is available for Xbox One and PC, with the title recently launched on Steam and the Pirate Simulator is also part of the Game Pass subscription service.

Tall Tales is a great way to explore the amazing stories of the old hackers on the thieves’ sea, according to Rare Studios. Lost Treasure has added many new stories to Sea of ​​Thieves, leading to many meetings, places and unique challenges. Each tale now has a descriptive info on the map of your ship, so players can easily choose those to do first and the control points system will make navigation from one to the other much easier. The players who were looking forward to other stories added to Sea of ​​Thieves will have a lot of fun with the update of Lost Treasures.

In parallel with the quality of life improvements added with Lost Treasures, there are limited-life events and daily premiums, which give players more opportunities to earn more gold and rehearsals. A new set of vessels has been added to Sea of ​​Thieves with Lost Treasures known as Blighted Ship Set, inspired by State of Decay, another Xbox Game Studios property. With more customization, adventures and Tall Tells added to Sea of ​​Thieves with the Lost Treasures update, fans have even more reasons to navigate the seven seas.

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