Comes (Representative Song Jae-won, Lee) has successfully completed the donation campaigns, Relief Development NGO Save said on the 26th that we have delivered 2,000 won for the Children.

Comes has conducted a campaign to sell ‘Summer Mourners’ through collaboration with Mamatch, from mid-December to Match, and donated some proceeds.

‘Summers’ is a popular menu ‘Berger’, ‘Buried Cyber’ and ‘Summer Noun: Perforated Arena’, Items that are available in ‘Summer Noun: A Million War’ With a special package, the value consumption of the joy of sharing was sold in the country during the event, and was sold in the national store during the event.

Comes has conducted a variety of events that paid game items and goods to make more users to participate in this campaign to participate in warm warmth, and the campaign is completed by the Campaign. Save with a touch with a joint donated to the Children.

Donations delivered are used to practice sharing for children. Through the Save, the Children, we will give warmth and warmth to the children of the Mamatch hamburger to the children of the child center.

Meanwhile, Comes has continued to continue the business that supports future generations of dreams and hopes through the characteristic social contribution projects linked to their various popular games.

The campaign, including the campaign, improved the global child education environment, Africa Malawi Liaison, and the intestinal furnishes of the Malawi of Malawi. I am going to develop it.