CSI5*W Oslo - Kevin Staut & For Joy van't Zorgvliet*HDC - table A against the clock - 1,45 m - 2015
“It is important that we show the league that we are still there,” said Wiesbaden Victory Train Kevin Lank ford after the 1-0 win over the TSV Averse at “Magenta sport”. The sentence would probably like told the Heidelberg after the game on Wednesday evening, after all, the bottom of the table had the chance to be the same with the Würzburg Kevin Lankfords and to get a good deal closer to the saving shore.

But the Travelers continue to wait for the first victory after now since nine games and have to say, “That was not enough good performance to score.” Striker Lynn Rademacher formulated it in this way, his coach agreed with him: “We had our moments from which we have to earn scorchancies. In the last third we were too inaccurate,” says Rudder Zeal.

In Hanover, Averse was equally equal in the second round with the guests from Wiesbaden, but goal hazard was rare. Two occasions of Rademacher (11th, 57th) in which the striker passed just at the gate – much more did not succeed the TSV in the offensive.

The Coach of the Table Light Attested his team also “problems with the assignment. Wiesbaden did not do that and had a lot of position change in his own possession. We had no access and have walked a lot after.”

Averse is standing in front of the basement duel in Munich – Wiesbaden stays on top

The TSV Averse remains the hope of the next Saturday and the activism at Turkic Munich, a direct competitor from the table cellar (2 pm, live! At Kevin Lankford). That they are still there, at least on Wednesday evening showed only the Wiesbaden, who keep the first victory of the new calendar year imports and connection to the upper ranges.