In a new video Sony and Guerrilla Games present the exciting challenges that expect you off the main history of Horizon Forbidden West. In addition to well-known tasks, this time it will be possible to participate in machine races.

Saddle on! The race starts!

In Horizon Forbidden West you can conclude some secondary tasks as in its predecessor if you need a break from the story. In a short gameplay trailer, Developer Guerrilla Games introduces the various challenges.

One of them is apparently for machine races. These are reminiscent of the horse races from Red Dead Redemption 2. Unfortunately they are shown only in some short scenes, but after all, they look like a lot of fun. Because in the forbidden West apparently everything is allowed and So you can see in the video how counterparties with spear and bow brutally stopped . It can only be a winning.

In its predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn there were already machine-mounted, but no races in which they participate. So it’s a class supplement to the rest of the activities in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West | Tribes of the Forbidden West

There is much to do

The world of Horizon Forbidden West falls significantly larger than those of Horizon Zero Dawn and accordingly you can expect even more secondary tasks. In addition to the already mentioned machine races, arena battles are added. There you have to put people as well as machines. That could be pretty cool, as the developer team has screwed around at the combat system and this now versatile and complex fails .

But there are also old challenges back like the hunting tests , in which your machines must defeat in a certain time and in a certain way. Also The mountains of special machine parts will prove useful again. For this you usually have to locate and bombard the weaknesses of enemy machines.

Horizon Forbidden West appears on 18 February 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.