Now look at the product is a ‘MSI GeForce gaming RTX 3050 Twin X D6 8GB turned Pro 8’ RTX 3050 graphics card with a chip that can be seen as the youngest of RTX 30 GeForce series.

MSI’s graphics card, which Twin Pro 8 becomes “ Series cooling performance of geukgang, as well as noise addition Cedar intensity of MSI cooling technology that reduces dramatically. Rather, there is, of course, turned pro tri-series equipped with a cooling solution of the above step, but it is possible that if enough heat to digest Twin Pro jyeogeup cooling system of about RTX 3050.

This product may have GDDR6 of the VRAM 2560 CUDA core and 1845MHz boost clock, 8GB, manufactured using an 8-nm process, to connect up to four displays. It is also characterized in that solid and designed so that the core pipe and the GPU possible abut and mount a metal back plate of the stylish design quickly suppress the heat generated in the GPU.

Twin professionals turned 8 ‘core cooling system , Torx 4.0 Fans’ technology can not be overlooked. 2 each designed for connection of the fan blades of a pair is cooled to further concentrate the air flow, noise is a unique technology of MSI graphics card that further reduces.

■ Product Specifications

■ packaging and appearance

MSI GeForce gaming RTX 3050 Twin X D6 8GB turned professional first impression of 8 amazing than I thought. RTX, despite the lowest grade of entry-level graphics card series of 30 signs and they stood out for increasing the durability of products, including a variety of new technologies.

RTX 3050 | The RTX GPU for the Masses is Here! sort of...
RTX 3050 is obviously to generate less heat than as a grade one step below top-grade graphics card RTX 3060, 3060Ti but signs of cost savings in the RTX 3050, MSI is not easy to find. Do some extent the RGB line fell in front of the product kkik. Cooling fan, heat sink design is all the same look and high-grade graphics card.

Efforts to increase the durability also noticeable. MSI RTX 3050 Twin Pro becomes 8 is expected to mount a deflection preventing gotta guide the metal material was found eseona 3080, 3090 class high-end graphics cards are available through a long period of time without the need for stable support.

■ Performance Tests

The first saw the 3D Mark benchmark test proceeding. But expect a dramatic point beyond the traditional entry-level graphics card, 1660 Ti suggests that invasive Fire Strike score of 15,658 points, 6,246 points-time spy. This is similar to the GTX 1660 Super.

In terms of pure graphics rendering performance, but I want to gain Maybe you live in a 1660 Ti If the user you want to steam various games, among others, and enjoy the latest games soon to be released AAA grade work depends situation. GTX Series In exclusive property of RTX Series not only can taste all, you can enable DLSS.

AAA grade of the game Guerrilla Games ‘masterpiece: he goes to the “Horizon Zero Dawn’ test. The game has recently begun to support DLSS RTX graphics card users are now able to enjoy the game in a more comfortable environment.

In the FHD resolution, it was possible that a very passable gameplay as expected. Benchmark maintain a low temperature in the area where a number of objects appeared in progress, and showed stable low noise figure was also a little level.

4K resolution deserve try too challenging. The above test is expected to be beheld is set graphics options, with a maximum average of 48 frames of ambiguous results or wateuna shadows, textures, graphics card option, which uses a lot of resources, little touched give pleasant views over an average of 60 frames.

Enjoy also saw the infamous “Red Dead Redemption 2 ‘of a famous rock star Games with high hardware requirements. Les 2 to pick up, but also supports the latest hardware DLSS and showed a little lower barriers to entry, look also the entry-level graphics card shows a tough look.

FHD resolution, can play at the highest quality option based on an average of 65 frames one middle bit of the frame drop phenomenon has occurred. For a comfortable gameplay it seems to need a bit of adjustment options.

Recently freshly transplanted into the PC version of War also saw favorites. Since the initial launch went like a game of freshly optimized wear a modifier could be passable to enjoy 4K resolution with RTX 3050.

Graphics options, but the default frame drop phenomenon enough to experience did not feel a big difference when compared to the PS4 version did not happen. The temperature is also 60 degrees back and forth around the showed fairly stable cooling performance.

■ Enough

I’ve seen so far for ‘MSI GeForce gaming RTX 3050 Twin X D6 8GB turned Pro 8’ graphics cards.

Unique cooling solution, the ‘twin turned Pro 8, the MSI boasts the technology and’ wave curve de Pin 2.0 “and” deflectors “is characterized by fever resolved on the basis of superior pole quiet heat sink design, noise suppression capability.

Furthermore, despite the entry-level graphics card looks quite nervous wrote the durability is impressive. Is a solid metal back plate gives support to the graphics card back to the stable, mounted separately to avoid warping of the metal material on the guide is expected to be stable for a long time without using a variant of the card.

‘MSI RTX 3050 Twin Pro turned 8’ is used by those users who have entry-level graphics cards such as the GTX 1650 a long period of time it is clear that the product interest Gumi pulls. In pure graphics rendering performance can be improved through more smoothly drive the high-end games, as well as said so to enjoy the latest games to see too high graphics options to be available to utilize the functionality DLSS future.