It seems that an port cell phones of MLB The Show could arrive in the near future according to Sony San Diego Studi or continues to take this simulator to more systems. The company confirmed last week that _ MLB The Show 22 _Legará Nintendo Switch for the first time in history, and now the team is looking to recruit an mobile graphics expert with a interest in baseball

Although in theory, this could be related to some type of Companion APP, would make sense that Sony Take this game to cell ph1. J IM Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, mentioned last year that the company was looking to take more of its franchises to the cellular market, and Baseball sounds like an excellent game to enjoy with controls of TouchScreen.

playing mlb the show ON MY PHONE... (omg)
The Japanese giant renewed its license with the Major League Baseball a couple of years ago, under the stipulation that the series would be expanding as many platforms as possible. Since then, MLB The Show has become one of the most profitable PlayStation franchises, particularly in countries such as United States, where Baseball is one of its most popular sports.

Editor’s note: It sounds like Sony wants to experiment with MLB The Show in the cell market before you start bringing your great franchises to this sector. I think the ideal would be that some of your First-Party Games have complementary applications, instead of having diluted PORTS or some other type of Standalone experience.