League of Legend E Sports Team DRX announced that Kim Jung-su will terminate the contract.

The DRX side has decided to decide on the 4th, “the team has decided to have a contract with Kim Jung Soo as” February 4, “

For the reasons for termination, he convened the violation of the supervision of Kim Jong Soo’s standard contract, and the violation of the Obligation of the Director’s Obligations, and it was said that it has convened the discharge of the board, and it was said that it was finally complied with the legitimate procedure. However, it was not possible to share the details as a legal constraint.

In addition, DRX Choi Bong-hoon said on the 4th, and the online press conference on the 4th. The following is the position of the Kim Jong Soo, director of the Kim Jong-soo of the Jeong-hoon.

Why did Kim Jung-soo be dismissed?

In the contract, the normal team operations were unauthorized attitudes, such as non-cooperative attitudes, and the unrecords of the supervision of the director. The entire meeting and the team leader who have been continuing for three years absolutely absent. I have been doing this because I have been able to convince the difficult way of convincing during the scrimmer.

What is difficult to convince the scrim?

I do not think I can tell you, and I can tell only that.

Did not you participate in the scrim?

There was not that, but there was a situation.

What did you participate in the scrim, but did not you execute it properly?

You can see that.

Did you play another game?


** On the other hand, Kim Jung-su,

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I did not participate in the scrim on the day before the game. I have notified the director Kim Hyung-soo before.

** Have you ever had a problem with a bias or physical pressure events,


Did the end of the contract are notified in advance?

Yes. I hope that Kim Jung-soo wants to change his mind, and he did not proceed with the contract, and I did not have any positive things.

What is the contract termination request?

Before he started the league contract, he received a request for a difficult request to accommodate, and it was difficult to accommodate, which is difficult to accommodate, which has been requested to reveal a mutual agreement.

Is it a request to be related to the salary?

Some of them. Kim Jong Soo (Jeong-su) I had a similar demand just before the season, and I did not do the demands as a director, and there was no part of the amount that I had nothing to do with the amount, and the legal part related to the salary.

Nothing has not been revealed, but what will the fans do not get more and more?

I wanted to give you a lot of time when I asked for a contract to stop the contract on Kim Jung Soo,

Meanwhile, Kim Jung Soo, who died this contract, said that Kim Jung Soo was a embarrassed and congratulatory mind through his personal SNS. He knew the news of the contract over the Internet, and I confirmed the email, and I had the relevant content.

Kim said, “I may have lacked as part of a business organization, but I was a sports director before a staff,” he said.

But he can not say more about the current situation that can not be said to be terminated without permission of the company, and he added that if the company agrees, he will explain all the situations directly to the fans.

Finally, Kim, who does not give up to the fans, “he said,” As DRX players, he would come back to the players, as he would do all the things he could do, as “DRX players go to the considency and adversity.”