Gravity Rush - What You Need to Know! (Story Summary)
_ Gravity Rush _Fue a very dear franchise among the fans, but that sadly seems to have been forgotten after the arrival of his second game. The community would certainly be happy with a possible third game of this series, and its director, Keiichiro Toyama , would be willing to work on him if they gave him the opportunity.

Toyama Recently he participated in an interview where he expressed his desires to return to the Gravity Rush franchise, besides that he would also wish to see this series reach PC:

“There are several things that I should consider for the beginning, but at a personal level, I would obviously like. Even if it was not a new game, if there was an opportunity to be involved in any way, I would be very grateful to do so.

I think it would also be good to open the game towards more users. It would also be wonderful if Gravity Rush 2 could play 60 FPS. “

Sadly, after what happened with Japan Studio , the chances of having a third installment of the franchise are practically non-existent. In one of those Sony I could give the surprise and announce it for PS4 and PS5, but it will be better not to keep your expectations very high.

Editor’s Note: There are many abandoned franchises by Sony, but I think Gravity Rush would lend itself very well to return on modern platforms. Surely your developers could find a good use to the new hardware, not to mention everything they could do with the functionalities of the DualSense.