Battle Ground Smash Cup Season 6 (BSC Season 6) will be held on 12th and 13th. This BSC is gathering a new rule and a different fun, and I am gathering early. After buying a 60-point point, the team to eat ‘chicken’ is a way to win.

In particular, it is expected that the linkage between the PWS is enhanced to be more intense.

The BSC Championship team will acquire the first quarter of the Weekly Final Direction of the Weekly Final Finals and the Weekly Survival Map, and Ratio Choice of Weekly Survival Maps in Korea,

The total prize money is 30 million won, the first place is 25 million won and the MVP is given 5 million won.

The interviews of major teams were briefly held prior to the first game for the 12th.

** Under the answer,

(from the upper left) ATA ‘Circle’, ‘Under’, Dana and ‘Saluit, Yen’ Innicks’

\ – What is the tricky team?

YENGE ‘Inenix’: There is no demanding team that is not a player in the center of landmark. I think it is not difficult for the team I’ve seen.

Singapore ‘Under’: I think that I think it is a domestic competition in a long time. I feel a new feeling.

\ – Double the BSC championship won the strong reason for a strong reason

ATA ‘Currency’: It’s not just an optimized for the Smash Cup, but it’s just a good game.

\ – How to say the ‘Aka’ player in this time?

ATA ‘Currency’: There is a new person, but there is a bold that is not a new person.

\ – Bonded, the pronoun of the boldness is called a pronoun. I recruited to Helen player

???? The Fed Will Lose an Inflation Fight - Ep 775

Dana and ‘salute’: Helen players seem to be better than me. You can expect it.