In recent days, we received some exciting information about publishing the new MMORPG’s Lost Ark. For example, in January update, we learned that we are already getting access to the popular T3 content. But also pre-download, release times, and the names of the available servers are now known.

In mmos, the server choice is often an important point for players. After all, nobody wants to land on a blank server, or fight on a full server with long waiting times. In Lost Ark, many things are not server, but region dependent, such as the auction house, but if you want to play different PVP modes or things like Chaos Dungeons with your friends, you have to play on the same server.

Which server is interesting for German-speaking players?

LOST ARK What can I do cross server? What server do I join? High pop vs Low Pop | Region vs Server
The European Servers of Lost Ark are not divided into different languages. For example, since there is no official German-speaking server, the community has simply decided to select a server itself.

This is the server ASTA . So if you want to make sure that some German-speaking players with you the world of Arkesia do unsafe, you should decide for this server. French and Spanish-speaking players have probably opted for the server Trixion.

If your great value puts on PVP , the server could be interesting for you. This should be the unofficial “PVP server”. So here you will surely find some players with whom you can equip a few Arena matches.

Of course you are not forced to choose one of these servers. Finally, such communities usually represent only a fraction of the in-house playership. So you will most likely find some players on each server who speak your preferred language and play your favorite content.