All of the game laws that stayed in the answer status were finalized. On February 10, 9 am to 9:30 am in the National Assembly Culture Physical Education Tourist Committee Conference Room.

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All amendments to the game law, the Democratic Party of Democratic Party was eliminated on December 15, 2020. Probabilized item information Simplified classification procedures with the obligation, nonprofit game classification, nonprofit game rating classification exemption, small-sized game funding, mild contents, mental and exemption, currency exchange, illegal programs, etc. I have an agent designation. Among them, the obligation of the probability information was made by the presidential candidate, such as Lee Jae-nam,

All amendment officers listen to the opinions from the statements consisting of legislation stakeholders and experts, and have time to query the lawmakers. A Study on the importance of all amendments and has been reported to be a number of statements, but it was recommended to be a number of statements. As a result of the status of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party’s Advisory Commission Policy Research Institute The Professor Kim Jung Tae was selected by the Oriental University of Oriental University.

Lee Sang-consisting, said, “All amendments all of the game laws are a legislature that is significantly meaningful to the gamers and game users, as well as a young man. Various members of Korea game ecosystem, including users, academia, developers, and industry through various channels including public hearing “It is really sorry that” the number of statements is greatly reduced. “But it has been passed through the public hearing.

As described above, all amendments to all of the game laws were in December 20, 20, and there were a number of revisions of some of the game laws. Since all amendments have been issued, some of the revised amendments have been submitted after a public hearing on all revisions, and after the public hearing (reviewing several legislation). In addition, all amendments can be opened to open the hearing of opinions. All of the game laws revisions were in the future, and the public hearing was not held, and it was not open to procedure. The February 10, February 10, is held on February 10, and industry interest is concentrated.