Is the still settler? ” These and similar questions were loud as Ubisoft presented the new version of the settlers at the turn of the year. The opinions were, kindly formulated, little enthusiastic and it remains questionable for the time being how UbiSoft’s strategy will rise a very superficial settler experience.

What do the fans say to settler 4?

But how do the hardcore fans see? The forum users, the reddit users, those discourse people who are open and honestly presenting their opinions.

If you take a look at the official Ubisoft Forum to the settlers, in English “ The Settler “, then you will quickly find that the opinions on the beta are in many cases anything but positive.

Booking headlines like “The Settlers – money back!” You can find more often. In addition to problems playful nature, the evidently incompetent support of Ubisoft is also called a further annoyance. Numerous reviews goes to the beta in the official ubisoft forum also draw a clear picture.

Welcome to The Settlers
Again and again, this is referred to the beta from 2019, which was also significantly more positive in the trade press. At that time we also showed a very positive picture in our preview. There is also a list of features that have been deleted since the 2019 version. That too is certainly not helpful if you want to appease your own fans.

Feedback to the settlers on Reddit

The opinions also agree with what you find in the English-speaking subreddit to the settlers. Here, the beta is often described as “Meh”, not worth mentioning.

In fact, you sometimes find one or the other person who liked the beta. But that happens relatively rare. In fact, one of the beta frustrated users to point out the subreddit to a settler deal on Go G, as they had a lot more fun with the older parts than with the new 1. Surely one of many indicators that the campaign for the new settler of ubisoft has so far been anything but rosy.