It was this week that we were able to discover the Roadmap of the 2 season of Call of Duty Vanguard, and if the news will be there, it seems that the zombies will not be left behind, as it will house a new center, new sands but Also new enemies. And allies for the occasion, the latter benefited from its own roadmap, providing some additional details about what we already knew.

VANGUARD ZOMBIES SEASON 2 Details a little more


New Hub, New Zones, New Objective and Easter Egg

Thus, as we already know, the zombies will welcome a new center through the map Terra Maledicta and in it, players will have access to three new areas with Corrupted Lands, Eastern Desert and Hall of Thruth. However, the latter will offer the same objectives that we already know but still will benefit from a new one with the so-called sacrifice **.


In addition, a legendary gun of zombies mode will return to feel again in Kino der Toten: the ray weapon, but also the shield “decimator”, and both will be available through the mysterious box. Regardless The Sacred Punch , will offer us a new camouflage for weapons that will be improved. Finally, two new weapons will appear that will be unlocked through the battle pass: KG M40 and Whitley .


Expected from the launch of Zombies mode in Cod: Vanguard, this way will welcome new history missions that will have a new enemy, Zaballa , but also a new ally under the name of Vercanna . Players can take advantage of their help with the healing aura and, like the other auras, it will be possible to improve it to level V. Finally, season 2 will obviously offer new challenges to beat and, therefore, everything This will be available on February 14.