Update from February 14, 2022: Deoxys (normal shape) SuperLange has not been available in Pokémon Go, because the Pokémon only was only about the Ex-RAIDs limited by invitations. Since the corona pandemic has made the world under control, ex-raids are paused and therefore you can look forward to a lot of deoxys in the animal 5-raids. That was after the Pokémon Go festival 2021 so and is also to Johto-Tour 2022 true. Deoxys (normal form) spawnt from 16 February 2022 from 10:00 to 19 February 2022 at 10:00 clock – Accordingly, Deoxys (normal form) is the star of the legendary RAIDSTunde on 16 February 2022 between 18: 00 clock and 19:00 clock. Who wants to have deoxys as a shiny, should be relaxed Wednesday evening! Here is the overview of the currently best counterattack for deoxys (normal form) in Pokémon Go! Generally, you will help you mind and inappropriate attackers!

ALL DEOXYS FORMS CAUGHT IN POKEMON GO (Normal, Attack, Defence, Speed)

Current counter to deoxys (normal)

  • Mega Gengar with dark claw and spikball
  • Mega Dog Moon with Standpauke and Schmarotzer
  • Crypto-Despotar with bite and crunch
  • Darkrai with stewing token and Finsteraura
  • Mega-absolute with stewing tower and Finsteraura
  • Mega-Garados with bite and crunch
  • Giratina (original form) with dark claw and spikball
  • Crypto-Snibunna with Standpauke and Schmarotzer
  • Skelabra with burden and spikball
  • Crypto Mewtu with psychobling and spikball
  • Hoopa (unleashed) with amazing and finstera
  • Hoopa (bound) with amazing and spikball
  • Trikephalo with Bite and Finstera
  • Crypto-Scherox with anger blade and cross shears
  • Crypto-TraunMagil with burden and spikball

Pokémon Go: Deoxys (normal form) as Raidboss

Deoxys is as mentioned as a mysterious Pokémon, and belongs to the Psycho type, and should therefore be challenged to fight with unsilting or mind attackers. As Raidboss, deoxys (normal form) has 50,271 cp and is boomed on stage 25 in windy weather. Accordingly, his potential immediac attack Zen head thrust and Ladeattacke Psyschub then cause more damage – fortunately, in particular, in particular illumant attackers stuck that relatively well without twitching with the eyelash. Deoxys (normal form) can also use the charging beam (electro, instant), lightning cannon (electro, charging) and hyperstrahl (normal, charging), but also that should not be too dangerous for your selected fighters. Should your unsilting and mind fighters really pure, then their deoxys (normal form) attacks in fog.

With the following Pokémon you should pull in the battle:

  • Giratina (original form) with dark claw and spikball
  • Skelabra with burden and spikball
  • Darkrai with stewing token and Finsteraura
  • Trikephalo with Bite and Finstera
  • despotar with bite and crunch
  • Mewtu with psychoblings and spikball
  • GeneSECT with anger blade and cruise shears
  • SNIBUNNA with Standpauke and Schmarotzer
  • Gengar with dark claw and spikball
  • SHECHIGAS with power reserve and Gigaßauf
  • Scherox with anger blade and cross shears
  • Banette with dark claw and spikball

Pokémon Go: DEOXYS (normal shape) catch

If you have successfully completed the fight against Deoxys (normal form), follow the duty the freestyle and you have the chance to ban the pocket monster in your Pokéball. Then DEOxys (normal shape) on stage 20 has 100% -IV values ​​over 1,806 CP. If deoxys (normal form) is baptized in windy weather at level 25, then it has 2,257 CP with perfect 100% -IV values. We wish you much success in the hunt!

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