Cacao Games (Representative Cho Byung-hyun) is 14 days, popular mobile animation RPG ‘Princess Connect! Re: DIVE (Lee: Dive) ‘character’ Price Pickup ‘event was implemented, the new limited character’ Neneka (New Year) ‘was predicted.

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In the newly presented ‘fry pickup’ event, it increases the appearance of two characters such as’ Yui (Yui (New Year) and Heyley (New Year), which is actively active, and provides compensation according to the fraecimal order obtained for each annual. In particular, ‘Yui (New Year)’ is a healer who is wearing auxiliary magic, and ‘Hiyi (New Year)’ is a lively girl in traditional dispersion in the front of a physical attack in front of the Physical Attack.

In addition, the new character ‘Neneka (New Year)’ will be released on the 19th. ‘Neneka (New Year)’ is a priest of the ambassador (a person who was transformed into a target that has been in contact with herself, and creates a fake of transformable targets), and recovers HP and TP It is a character that leads to victory even in harsh conts.

In addition, the fourth area ‘Popce ice, the awards, and the mainstores’ and the mainstori ‘Part 2 6, 1 ~ 5 episode’, Here, ▲ Expansion up to the highest level 187, ▲ ‘Canyar (New Year)’, ‘Suzume (New Year)’, ‘Suzume (New Year)’, ‘Cott Coro (New Year)’, ‘Side Coro (New Year)’, ▲ Side Story ‘Battle of Valentine! The sweet battle of the heart is the fun of the battle “more fun.

In addition, in addition to the 21st, the dip story event ‘ride! Land Sol Guild Lace ‘. In this respect, the New Year’s event, you can enjoy a special story centered on ‘Pocoreans’,’ Pocorin ‘,’ Kot Coro ‘, and’ Suzume ‘of’ Gourmet ‘guild’, “Kot Coro”, and ‘Suzume’. ‘Suzume (New Year) and’ Kurumi ‘can be obtained.

Cacao Games shall carry out ‘Guild House Decorating’ events through the official community until 28th. In addition, the ‘CM Connie’s quiz’ event will be carried out to the ‘CM Conie’s quiz’ event, from 16th to 22 days, and the user to participate in each event through the lottery.

‘Princess Connect! Re: DIVE (RE: Dive) ‘details for content updates can be found in the official community and SNS.