Concrete plans for the future of Star Wars in the cinema is currently available – at least for the public – not really. Although a project has already been presented with Rogue Squadron , but the film of Wonder-Woman director Patty Jenkins needs more time and will miss the planned date in December 2023 . Now rumors are circulating a new trilogy on the internet.

Rey returns to the screen?

In a podcast, the former vanity-fair journalist Joanna Robinson talked about a supposed idea of ​​ Lucasfilm , according to the Rey in focus of a new trilogy should stand, the * According to episode 9 is located. Again Daisy Ridley would take over the role. In detail it should be about a Jedi-Order *, which should be completely different from the previous merger. However, because Lucasfilm is well known to throw many ideas overboard, nothing in stone is still carved here.

Does the Rey Actress want to return?

Lucasfilm Planning a New Rey 'Skywalker' Trilogy?!
After the publication of Episode 9 there was a little confusion about Daisy Ridley statements. First, she indicated that it will get out of the Sci-Fi Universe . A little later, the 29-year-old has defused her statements but . So it seems possible that Daisy Ridley would return to the camera again as a rey.

Which Star Wars movies are currently planned?

In addition to the already mentioned Rogue Squadron, directory Taika Wititi also works on a project that is to distinguish itself clearly from previous films according to Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy. Also the Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is involved in a project in the world of Star Wars. Almost two years ago, reports also circulated a film of J.D. Dillard . Disney Plant Kinostars currently for December 2023, 2025 and 2027.

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