IMPACT GENSHIN The Mihoyo developer (or as it is known internationally as of this week, HoyOverse) has officially launched the update of version 2.5, “When The Sakura Bloom”, for the popular free video game. Version 2.5 includes the new five-star playable character Yae Miko, a new exploration event in Enkanomiya and much more. As with all important updates of the video game, the patch notes are quite long, so we also gather them below.

In addition to the new content mentioned above, version 2.5 also includes new history missions. Specifically, the History Mission of Raiden Shogun called «Frame of Imperatrix Umbrosa: Act II – Transitory Dreams» is now available. Players must have reached the range of adventure 40 or higher to unlock it and complete the previous Story Quest for Raiden Shogun. The search for the story of the new character Yae Miko called «Divine Vulpes Chapter: ACT 1 – The Great Narukami Offering» is also available, although players must complete the missions of Raiden Shogun’s history mentioned above, as well as having the range of Adventure 40 or higher.

You can consult the complete impact Genshin Notes of the version 2.5 patch, directly from the DeveloperDebajo:

Update details

i. New Character

Character of 5 stars «Astute Amusement» Yae Miko (Electro)

◇ Vision: Electro

◇ Weapon: catalyst

◇ Lady Guuji of the great Narukami Sanctuary also serves as editor in Chief of Yae Publishing House. An unexpected intelligence and cunning hide under the beautiful appearance of it.

◆ The Elementary Skill of Yae Miko «Evocation of Yakan: Sakura Sesshou» allows you to move quickly and leave behind a Sakura Sesshou. Sesshou Sakura will periodically hit the opponents close with rays, causing electro DMG. If there are other Sakura sesshou nearby, your level will increase, increasing the damage inflicted. There can be no more than 3 Sesshou Sakura in the field, and the highest initial level that each can reach is 3.

The elementary burst of her «Great secret art: Tenko Kenshin» invokes a beam that inflicts AOE ELLO DMG. When she uses this skill, Yae Miko will open the seal of Sesshou Sakura nearby, destroying the external shapes of it and transforming them into Tenko Thunderbolts that descend from the heavens, inflicting AOE ELECTRO DMG. Each Sesshou Sakura destroyed this way will create a Tenko Thunderbolt.

◆ During the desire of the event, «Everbloom Violet», the exclusive 5-star character of the event «Astute Amusement» Yae Miko (Electro) will receive a great increase in the fall rate!

II. New equipment

The truth of Kagura (5 star catalyst)

◇ The bells used when performing the Kagura dance, blessed by Guuji itself. The aroma of the Sakura Sacred tree persists in it.

◆ Gets the Kagura Dance effect when she uses an elementary skill, which causes the character’s elementary ability to hold this weapon for 16 s. Maximum 3 accumulations. This character will obtain the DMG bonus of all elementals when he has 3 accumulations.

◆ During the desire of the “epitome invocation” event, the 5-star weapon exclusive of the Kagura’s Verity event (catalyst) will receive a large increase in the fall rate!

Juramented eye (4 star catalyst)

◇ A National Treasury of Byakuyaku stored in the Dainichi Mikoshi. With the arrival of the Snake God, this object was used to protocolize great oaths and desires.

◆ After using an elementary ability, the energy recharge increases for 10 s.

◆ During the event “Portal offering of the three kingdoms”, explores ENKANOMIYA covered with darkness and improve your Bokuso Box at a certain level to obtain rewards such as Oathsworn Eye (catalyst) and its refinement materials.

Third new events

“Three Realms Gateway Offer” event: participate and obtain the exclusive weapon of the «Oathsworn Eye» event (catalyst)

During the event, explore ENKANOMIYA, Cover of darkness, using Light Realm Sigils to improve your Bokuso Box. Improve your Bokuso Box at a certain level to get OATHSWORN Eye (catalyst) and its refinement materials, and rewards such as Crown of Insight. Complete event exploration missions to obtain primogems, weapons ascent materials and more.

  • Duration of the event
  • 02/17/2022 10:00 Until the end of version 2.5
  • Eligibility
  • Reaches the range of adventure 30 or higher
  • Complete the Archon Mission: «Chapter II: Act II – Quietness, Sublimation of the Shadow»
  • And complete the global mission «The secret of Erebos»

IV. New main story

1. New history missions

Search for the history of Raiden Shogun «Frame of Imperatrix Umbrosa: Act II – Transitory Dreams»

◆ Start time of the mission

Available permanently after the update of version 2.5

◆ Unlock criteria of missions

Reaches the range of adventure 40 or higher

Complete the Mission of the Archon «Chapter II: Act III – Omnipresence on Mortals»

And completes the mission of the history of Raiden Shogun “Frame of Imperatrix Umbrosa: Act I – Reflections of mortality»

Search for the history of Yae Miko «Chapter of Divine Vulpes: Act I – The Great Offering of Narukami»

Complete the Mission of the History of Raiden Shogun «Chapter of Imperatrix Umbrosa: Act II – Transitory Dreams»

v. New enemies

«Magatsu Mitake Narukami No Mikoto»

This is the form that the puppet takes that inherited Raiden Shogun’s authority when he opposes those who threaten eternity.

She will continuously absorb Ominous Destiny, and when Omanous Destiny is full, she will enter the Baleful Shadowlord form. In this way, she will get a great DMG RES and make more fatal attacks. Also, while she is in the Baleful Shadowlord form, the active characters will lose elementary energy at intervals.

Located on the island of Narukami

Shadow peel: Standard, Shady shell: Shadowing and Shadow Peel: Defender

An enigmatic warrior of darkness.

When he attacks him hit a character defended by shields, they will get benefits at the expense of HP of him.

SAW. Other additions

1. New recipes:

○ Inazuma Shimura: Sangayaki and Udon Noodles

○ Specialty of Yae Miko: «Fukuuchi Udon»

two. New Business Cards:

○ Celebration: Binge Vessel: Obtained from the “Drink A-Dreaming” event

○ «Yae Miko: Kitsune Dreaming»: Reward for reaching the level of friendship. 10 with yae miko

○ «Travel notes: Awakening»: Reward obtained through the BP system

3. New achievements were added to the category “Wonders of the World”.

4. New furniture:

Leisure device: In the pulse

Tubby created this combination of furniture with great care from an activation plate and two ranges of objectives. She interacts with the activation plate to start a set of archery or to check the game records. Once the game has begun, the balloons that must be destroyed will appear within the two target ranges. She uses this combination of mechanisms in conjunction with other furniture within her abode to design several personalized Bullseye balloons maps similar to those that appear at the Windblume Festival.

Subspace cabochon: in elevated flight

A subspace rock that has the ability to ascend and descend. Its core is made of Liyue’s exclusive plaust that, after some cuts and polish, became an elegant lifting platform. Simply step and rise, which will allow you to easily access any other floating platform. A certain time after you get out of him, he will begin to descend again.

5. New Being alive: coral butterfly, which can be captured during the event “Entry offending of the Three Kingdoms”. (In later versions, they can be exchanged through the traveling seller of Teapots. Pay attention to the details of the later version).

6. The “Traveler’s Council” was recently added to the weekly redeemable articles in Realm Depot.

7. «Dynamic range» and «Exit setting» just added in Configuration> Audio.

8. Suggestions for icons recently added to the Filtering Interface of Artifacts.

9. Add the Add Weapons function at the same time to the destruction system.

10. Add some indications to load screens.

eleven. Spiral abyss:

Lim Disorders Floor Law 11 Changed to:

• All group characters obtain an electro DMG bonus of 60%.

• All group members obtain a 14% healing bonus.

Lim Disorders Floor Law 12 Changed to:

• Only for this floor, the flow of the Law line will be normal.

The alignment of monsters in floors 11 and 12 of spiral abyss was updated.

As of the first time that the lunar phase is updated after upgrading to version 2.5, the two lunar phases will be as follows:

  • Phase I:
  • Luna lightning
  • When the opponents take Electro-Charged DMG, its Electro RES decreases by 10% for 10 seconds. Maximum 4 accumulations. The duration of each accumulation is independent. Each enemy can receive this effect once every 1.2 s.
  • Phase II:

Version 2.5 Special Program|Genshin Impact
* God calls the moon
* When normal attacks, charged attacks, immersion attacks, elementary skills and elementary bursts of the active character hit an opponent affected by Electro, a shock wave is created in the position of that opponent, which inflicts true damage. A shock wave can occur in this way every 2 s.
* ※ There will be no changes in the restart times of spiral abyss and blessing of the abyssal moon. These are still the first and sixteen days of each month, respectively. The previous update of Spiral Abyss will come into effect from March 1 at 04:00 (server time).

Settings and optimizations

● System

1. It optimizes the order of weapons manufacturing. The weapon processing list will be ordered by type of weapon.

two. Optimizes the style of the user interface of the new unlocking suggestion of the book file.

3. The top tab of the character’s artifact page now supports the displacement by using a controller.

4. Optimizes the function of filtering and artifact classification.

5. Optimize the character artifact filter function: now you can select a maximum of 2 affixes.

6. Optimizes the display style of the user interface of the resin replenishment pop-up window: When reaching the maximum amount of times the original resin can be replaced, the exchange button will turn gray (the button will disappear for controller controls ).

7. It optimizes the effects area of ​​some enemies after they are knocked down to provide a more fluid game experience.

8. It optimizes the orientation of some missions to reduce the difficulty of adventures: the adventure range requirement of the global mission was adjusted “when the road is cooled”. After adjustment, travelers with an adventure range of 22 or higher can accept the mission.

If your adventure range is less than 22 before version 2.5, the objective of the mission “Talk to Katheryne” will disappear from the Mission Menu after the update of version 2.5. You can accept this mission again after reaching the corresponding adventure range.

If your current search goal is “talk with iris” or subsequent objectives, your search will not be affected after the version update.

● Audio.

1. Add the option to adjust the dynamic range of the audio in «Setting / Audio> other configurations».

two. Add the option to switch between stereo or envelope sound in «Settings / Audio> other configurations». Relevant devices are required to experience stereo or enveloping sound effects.

3. Optimizes environmental sound and some sound effects.

4. Optimize the activation frequency of the voice line for some characters.

5. Optimizes the voice from off in Japanese and Korean for certain characters and missions.

6. It replaces the Chinese announcer of OZ and replaces the related OZ voice voice.

● Other

1. The appearances of the NPC Jean, Amber, Rosaria and Mona will be adjusted to the alternative attire in version 2.5 and in the missions of previous versions.

two. Eliminates scenes from previous events to reduce the size of the client.

3. As of version 2.5, the bit rate of new kinematics on mobile devices will be adjusted at 25 000 kbps to speed up the customer size.

4. Adjust the height of the central scenario disc at all levels in floors 1 to 8 of spiral abyss.

5. Add edges by moving the cursor with a driver in the SereniteA Pot editing menu.

6. Optimize the description text of the set stored in the serenite pot.

7. Optimizes some animations of the characters NingGuang and Lisa in the character interface> Arma.

8. It adds Dialogue to the NPC Inagi Hitomi of the great Narukami Sanctuary of the Narukami Island Region: after dialogue, travelers who have completed the world mission “Cleaning Ritual of Sakura” can obtain the furniture “a mask”.

9. After the update of version 2.5, the red point of some ads will only appear on the «Ads» button and will no longer be displayed in the Paimon menu in the upper left corner of the interface.

Error correction

● Missions

1. Solve a problem with the Daily Commission «The Thundering Wild» by which the range of the response area required to disperse the electric fog is too small.