Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyun) announced on the 17th that the “Kurtzpel) of the PC Online Action Battle Game ‘Kurtzpel’ was developed by Cog (Representative Lee Jong-won).

The Creator Crew Battle is a surprise event that has a total of 16 famous creators, including the “Basford Crew” of African TV, the ‘Mountain Crew Crew’ of the Twitch.

The event contest of the Mountain Crew proceeds live on a twitch at 10 pm on the 18th. The four-person broadcaster of the twist, such as ‘Han Dong Sook’ and ‘Monster’, and the two-party broadcasters appeared to 2: 2.

The Basford Crew Competition will be broadcasted on the 21st on the 21st through Africa TV. A total of 12 African TV representative BJ (personal broadcasters) appear. It is divided into four teams, such as ‘Gest’, ‘Idiong’, ‘Brilliant’ and ‘Demorae Wook’, and 3: 3 confrontation.

Nexon also proceeds with the prediction event of the creator crew battle. We will draw a total of 1,000 users who have been hit by a climbing team. For event participants, ‘[Eleduka] dye cube’, ‘[Elida] AP + 50% boost (1 day)’, ‘[Eleduka] GP + 50% boost (1 day) ” give. Events are held until just before each competition and can participate through the Curspel official website.

Crews Battle 'Fire Storm' in Boulder County

On the other hand, on the 15th, the ‘Catsfel’, which was released in Korea, is characterized by a variety of skills (weapons) of the battle, and experience powerful actions using a variety of skill combo. ‘General Convention (4 VS 4)’, ‘Rank (2 Vs 2)’, PVP content composed of ‘Battle’, maximized the fun of the Daejeon action.

The details of the ‘Czfel’ Creator Crew Battle and Events can be found on the official homepage.