In the Forbidden West, Elo will meet several new plants, including the Golden Flower. These beautiful borders of flowers, called flowers, can be found in several different colors, each of which has its name. Found on the rocks and slopes of rocks, players may not originate for what they will use these flowers.

Using Gold Colors

Golden Blooms is especially yellow flowers. As indicated in the player’s inventory, these plants, along with all other types of colors, are used for paints. As a golden yellow flower, he can paint her clothes in yellow.

Horizon Forbidden West Secrets & Hidden Features You Don't Want To Miss (Shield Weaver Skill & More)

The dyeing stations can be found in most major cities of Westerns Elo. These stations are marked on the map as a mortar and pestle and are usually located next to equipment sellers. The first thing players will be able to find will be in the settlement called Plainsong.

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