RageBalde is an exclusive weapon, available Barbara Set in Hivars Roblocks. The sword is known among the players due to its high damage. Unlike most other exclusive types of weapons or items, RageBlade cannot be bought in a games store. Instead, you will need to convert your standard Wooden Sword In RageBlade From Filling Your Measuring instrument of rage .

How to fill the scale of rage?

As mentioned earlier, you need to fill the scales of rage to get the RageBlade. To fill the scale of rage, you will need to score murder glasses, destroying opponents. It takes about 10-15 kills to fill the rage scale. After filling the sword, the default in your hand will automatically turn into the RageBlade.

How to use RageBlade in Roblox Bedwars?

You can use RageBlade, like any other melee / sword weapon. But the best way to use RageBlade is spells This is with different abilities, such as fire and static, turning the already powerful blade into deadly.

New EASY Way To Get RAGEBLADE In Roblox Bedwars...
Remember that after death you will lose your blade of rage, and the meter will be resetting the settings K 50% . In addition, you can not give / throw off the weapon to anyone of your teammates.

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