Kim Jung-joo, Nexon Changwon and Enx (NXC) director suddenly leaves the world and impact the industry.

It is a situation that mourning the death of Kim, now, but the industry’s interest is focused on what choice and decisions, and equity of the management rights and affiliates of affiliates.

According to Annex (NXC) (NXC), Kim Jung-joo Nexon founder was famous in Hawaii, USA last month. He is 54 years old.

Kim Jung-ju, a deceased, was born in 1968, graduating from Seoul National University (Bachelor of Computer). Kim was acquired at the Graduate School of Science and Technology (Kaist), and established a Global Global Global Game’s framework in 1994, with a master’s science and a company (Kaist).

On the other hand, Mr. E X’s side said, “Mr. Kim Jung-joo Enx, a member of Nexon, the United States, was famous in the United States last month.” Both of the oil prices do not explain, thank you to explain, ” I have been treated with treatment, and it is only worse that I have been deteriorated.

Nexon founder Kim Jung ju dies at 54

Kim Jung-joo Nexon The industry is a shock that the industry has suddenly left the world. In particular, it is also heard that it is not an unexpected tragedy in that it has been active in a non-game division investment and social contribution activities, not just a game.

Kim was the love for children than anyone else. He was a collection of social contribution activities after establishment of the Nexon Foundation in 2018 with the establishment of the Nexon Foundation in 2018 with the Establishment of the “Purume Foundation Nexon Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital” in Korea.

In the industry, it is a situation where a change in stake in ENX and Nexon business vision for future defense of Mr. X, This is due to anticipated that there will be only a strange inheritance tax, such as the inheritance of stake in the stake in the stake.

Looking at the disclosure of large-scale corporate groups last May, X’s stake is 100% of Kim Jung-ju’s foundation and his relatives. Kim Jung-joo’s foundation is 67.49%, 29.43% of his spouses, and two children have 0.68%, respectively. In addition, a family-owned family, Wise Kids also have 1.72% stake in Enx.

En X is a subsidiary of Nexon Japan (47.89%), which is responsible for the game sector, and NXMH (100%) related to Each Overseas region, and an investment company, and an infant goods stoke (100%). Here, Nexon Japan was found to have 100% stake in Nexon Korea.

Stakeholding stake in Kim Jung-joo is estimated at 10 trillion won as of 2020. In the 2020, sales of Enx, sales were 3 trillion won and operating profit to record 1.108.2 billion won.

The people of the immediate limbs were not a situation that the stake in the stake in the Kim Jung-ju’s stakeholder is not a situation. Related information is expected to be released when the lectures of the lodging are organized.

However, it is expected that there is a great change in the direction of existing business, leaving heritage inheritance and management rights, such as stake. Kim Jung-joo’s foundation is based on Lee Jae-hyun, one of the established members of the founding member last July last year, and has focused only on the investment and social contribution activities.

For this, the industry’s senior official said, “I am very shocked. It is too shocking.” The achievements of Kim Jung-ju is a game, “I will know anyone who is a game,” he said. ” It seems to have a separate position for sensitive areas. It is difficult to expect anything until that time, “he said.