After multiple delays and complications caused by the pandemic of Covid-19 , The Batman will finally be arriving at cinemas the next March 4. Of course, some specialized media already had the opportunity to Enjoy the new hero adventure on the big screen, and with only a few days remaining for its premiere, the film already has an official rating from criticism.

In sites such as metacritic and rotten tomatoes , The Batman already has enough reviews and criticisms to assign an official rating. Well, everything seems to indicate that fans will not be disappointed from this new feature film.

As you could see, The Batman has almost a perfect rating at Rotten Tomatoes , while in Metacritic remains at 73/100. It is worth noting that on this site has 40 reviews, while at Rotten Tomatoes has around 140.

The Batman Official Rating Revealed People are Upset & Confused
The vast majority of critics agree that, although the character of Bruce Wayne / Batman is very well developed in the film, are the secondary characters like Riddle and Catwoman Who really is They steal the show. Similarly, the detective theme fits very well with the story that Matt Reeves wants to tell, and apparently, there are a couple of surprises that will leave us speechless.

The Batman premieres next Friday March 4.

Editor’s note: For all that has been seen on The Batman, it was expected that Reeves would give us an excellent movie not only the character, but also with a story full of tension and suspense that will keep us at the edge of the seat throughout its duration.