Yoo Hyun SK Telecom said, “After the 5G Commercialization, SK Telecom, which was born for three years after 5G commercialization, will be the first year of entering the global market in earnest.”.

Metabus platform ‘Iprand’, its own development AI Semiconductor, and a global ICT market, based on IDQ based quantum rocks based on IDQ.

The executive officer opened the Treasurer’s Target Target in Barcelona on the 28th (Local Time), and released a global entry strategy of the third NeXT Big Tech.

Yu said, “Innovation DNA, which is also differentiated by SK Telecom, which is a three-year-old NeXT Big Tech,” SK Telecom is differentiated by SK Telecom 2.0, “SK Telecom 2.0 overseas expansion will be the foundation for the next-generation global ICT market. I am confident that I am confident, “he said.

Actual 5G Commercialization Three years later, the MWC, which is held in MWC, is a high interest in many of the world. It is an explanation that cooperation for global entry is beyond differentiated technology levels.

First, the Metabus Service Iprand has entered the global market by starting 80 countries this year. The MWC introduced a global version with the Iprand HMD version.

Meta Learner

“In MWC22, a collaborative meeting request from all over the world, and a collaborative meeting request is done, and it has become a representative meta bus service in Korea. Explained that the market is open to raise the user convenience. “

The AI ​​semiconductor field launched a subsequent model of the pioneer for the year or early next year, and I planned a top tier business trip to the Global AI Semiconductor.

“AI semiconductors grow by 44% per year, and by 2025, the global market size is expected to reach 40 trillion won,” said Global, “I was promoted,” he said.

Prior to SK Square, SK Hynix, with three joint investments, I have also established Sapion in the United States to raise a global market.

SK Telecom launched a strategy for growing up to W2trn of Cumulative sales by 2 trillion won and corporate value by 2027 through the launch of the next-generation AI semiconductor and global expansion.

The quantum carke business, which is conducting through the IDQ acquired in 2018, has been done by more than 250 customers and partnerships and compared to over 250 customers, and sales over two times.

In addition to QRNG and QKD, it is a plan to expand its business with blocks and quantum cankerols.