TO Evidence board Anclava Mars is an important resource for passing several side quests in Fate 2 One of which is report: Altar-Reflect . The quest itself is divided into four relatively simple steps.

  1. Visit the evidence board in Martian Anklav.
  2. Visit the reflection altar in the temple of anger in the throne world of Savatun.
  3. Decide the puzzle with runes and kill enemies
  4. Return to the proof board to register evidence and view them.

New Alter of Reflection Visited Report Altar-Reflect Quest Bring the Enigma to The New Access Point
After visiting the proof board, players will want to go to Trone World of Savatun and complete Altar reflection: Catalyst Mission. The mission itself will hold players through the temple of angry.

Once inside the temple, interact with the sphere of DeepSight and align the luminous symbol of the queen witches on the wall. As soon as it is done, a portal will appear through which the players will need to jump and which will lead them to altar reflection .

Once in the altar of reflection Players will need to be solved Runic puzzle What is a question The choice of runes, which does not match the template . The first puzzle will consist of eight columns of five runes in each. Shoot in three columns that are not built into the line to complete it. The second series of this puzzle is very similar to the first, but instead includes structures with three columns instead of eight. Shoot in the wrong column on three pillars to solve the riddle.

Opening the door, log in and clean the room from the enemies and view the memories. From there, go back to the Anklav Mars and register the evidence on the street board.

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