Anillo de Elden has many NPC so that the players know them, and although not everyone has in mind the player’s best interest, many of them are quite useful as long as I find them and interact at the right moments. However, there is a NPC with which you must make sure if you are just starting or want to modify part of your team, and that is Knight Bernahl. He is located in Warmaster ‘S Shack in the STORMHILL section of the map, and is your reference source for Ash of War purchases.

Fortunately for those who start, they will be able to find Knight Bernhl quite quickly from the starting point. You can find it at the location shown on the map below with a grace site there too, so that he can travel quickly if you need some new purchases from Ash of War.

While it is quite easy to drop a pin and go there, you will know that he is in the right area if it starts to see wolves that fall from the trees. That is a strange reference point, but it is the only area of ​​the game where this happens, so you will know with certainty that you are on the right way once you see it.

After meeting Knight Bernahl and talking a little, it will allow you to buy Ash of War skills for a variety of weapons. These soon will be eclipsed by other options, but for those who are just beginning or those who want to keep Ash of War in case they find an adequate weapon in the future, see it as soon as they can.

But, why do so many urgency if you can find unique weapons and Ashes of War in all the middlelands? That’s because Knight Bernahl, like the other NPCs in the game, has one’s story itself that will eventually make it move away from this place. If you advance enough in the game to an area known as Volcano Manor and defeats to the head of it, Knight Bernahl will disappear from this location and the next one to which he moves. He has one or two unique Ash of War, like “parry” and “not skill”, that you will not find anywhere else, so even if you think you will never need them, it is better to buy them anyway in the event that changes.