Trainer Steffen Baumgart and striker Anthony modests have a large proportion of the current high-altitude flight of the 1st FC Cologne. The future of the duo is uncertain given the 2023 contracts. Effzeh President Werner Wolf now gave an update.

“If you are very talented people, there are always other clubs that are interested – that belongs to business,” said Wolf with a view of Baumgart to the “Express”.

The 50-year-old coach and his family feel very comfortable in Cologne. “Steffen Baumgart is a coach that attaches importance to fit his club and the environment. I would say he and Cologne have sought and found 100 percent,” says Wolf.

The President also betrayed that Baumgart has lit then to stay in Cologne in the long term: “I was only last week with Steffen Baumgart food and he told me: ‘You do not have to worry about you.'”

Wolf had only praising words for the Cologne coach. “Success is the result of hard, systematic work. And exactly what I experience with him”, the 65-year-old and supplemented: “Steffen Baumgart takes care of every detail, is an incredibly meticulous worker. He meets the right t1. Making people better, you can only if you believe in a belief. “

Modest? “Top striker cost money”

Köln Trainer Steffen Baumgart Ansprache vorm Derby am 28.11.21

With a possible extension of top striker Anthony Modeste, who already scored 18 goals in 26 competitors this season, Wolf is less involved, yet he revealed some details of the poker with the French.

“With Tony Modeste has agreed that the association will soon be assembled with its consultants to talk about how it can continue – that will happen too,” Wolf said, it is aware that further cooperation with 33- Year-old would be a costly undertaking.

“Top striker cost money, we know. It is clear that everyone has to catch the belt a little closer,” the president emphasized, but stressed: “But Tony is someone with which one can talk. I think he can speak Situation well estimate. “