In March 2022, Daejeon will begin to foster the growth support for 3.1 billion (KRW 1.1.1 billion, and 1.4 billion won) to foster regional game enterprises and star businesses in 2022.

Game enterprise fostering support projects support the cycle from the Market Global Global Games Center, located in the Daejeon Global Games Center in the Global Global Global Games Center, and Mobile, and others to market market.

This year’s support project supports simulator and VR games, supporting simulations and VR games, supporting simulation game production support projects and mobile and PC games. Game Development) Support business and game advisory (launch game) support business.

In addition, the new demand for this year’s customized internship support project provides an internship experience opportunity for job seekers who are interested in game enterprise employment, and link them to employment.

Global one-stop advance support projects to help advance to Global Global Global Global Game. For overseas marketing, quality control, market entry, consulting, etc. can be selected directly by the company.

In 2021, Daejeon, we supported over 70 companies through the supporting business of the game company in 2021, resulting in over W18.4bn and 100 new employment. We acquired a total of 300 million won for excellent businessmen among 10 global game centers nationwide.

One of the achievements, such as a science and technology-based hardware company, but he won the game development through the Global Global Global Game Center support, won the AR · VR in the world’s largest electronic product fair CES 2021, SUIT) achieved an export of W4.0bn. Geoii also achieved a game that has been supported from game production to market, and enjoying indoor movements and enjoying indoor movements, and the amount of 6 billion won was reached.

“Corona 19 is growing with the relevant game industry and e-sports by the rapid growth of the Korean Coronian Cultural Athletic Tourism Bureau.” “It is scheduled.”

Kim Jin-gyu, who performed a business, said, “Now,” The center of the game industry, which is currently focused on the existing Seoul and the metropolitan area, ” “The promotion source will lead the metaverse game industry, focusing on the Global Global Global Games Center and the Daejeon E-Sports Stadium, which was opened last year.”

For more information, see Daejeon Information Cultural Industry Promotion Agency Official homepage and business management system.