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When you start the Eldon Ring, you will see the spider form boss called ‘the ear of your graft’. The player is not a recovery drug, but the weapon and the armor are also a bar level, and that guy boasts his own boss and exhaust the martial arts and attack power. Avoiding is hard, and the damage is almost enters, and reversely, I fell asleep al1. So, the floor is collapsed and the story will proceed, and it is possible to guess the battle that is created to be a story.

By the way, there are many of them with a lot of transgressive controls, and they are coming out of the beginning equipment, and they are coming out of this ” The production team was created, “I will be about this.” Today, I saw a gamer who overcome the battle that must be a story.

Oh, what happens when you hit the ‘ear of the grafting’? After a while after the time of the silence, if the floor falls and followed by a defeat, it will just start and start it if you are not bored.

TOP 5. Private Justice Academy – The harm is before the boss!

When I played the “Private Justice Academy”, I played the “Private Justice Academy”, which was a ‘student’s teacher!’ Suddenly the defense and attack power of 3-4 rounds are pulsed in the round. My attack is right. It is a stage that is made of being made, which is a system that is developed here and facing the final boss.

By the way, there is a harvest of this. Although it is rarely shaved by one dot, there is little if you do not have a few, but you can not beat it after hitting it, and you can beat it with a timeover. Note that when you win here, you will skip the royal window and jump just before the final boss round, and you think that when you think of the story of the story, I feel that the hole is gett. I do not need a story that grows with a decrypt!

TOP 4. Rainbage – I can not stand the story – Sorry ~

In Korea, there is a low awareness, but in Taiwan, there is a game that is in the national RPG. ‘The Magic Holy War’ series is a series that was actively produced by 2008. It is a story-centric game, and the defeat is defeated.

The magic Wang Shira, which appeared since the early one-sided one-way, is the master of the magic sanctuary, and the ‘the best’ of the ‘Harpie’. Her naturally strongly strong, our main character shall steal her to teach her ultimate magic. The strongness of her Siruhi is not a game overall, and she does not have a game over her absolute presence, such as her absolute presence, such as her protagonist as a single attack, and she has been achieved through Level Nogada It is possible to win. However, as she is so awkward, she said, “I can not get quality because of the story,” I am sorry… “. What she was strong is because of her story !!

** TOP 3. Three Kingdoms Yuan-do before –

Three Kingdoms Yeonggangsu-Baekjeon – Strategy RPG Series leading to the exhibition of the Jobs RPG series is a mix of fifth, but basically followed the original plot of Three Kingdoms. In particular, it is almost intact until the ending of the ending branch point, but the problem is that the problem is not always to win or at any time. For example, in case of ubiquitous, the Jangjiabi battle is busy and busy to join the Jojan, and the equipment is a little slower.

These scenarios are mostly difficult to difficult. I do not have a few people, and the enemy is crying to flock, somehow, how to run away. However, it is also possible to destroy the followed by the ahead of the fostering and strategy. For example, if you put the Jojan, the Jojiang, a ubi arm that is retreated to join. In fact, in this case, ‘I was once, but I have to finish it, but I have to finish it. No, if you have only a lot of people like you, if we win?

TOP 2. Super Robot Daejeon OG 2 – Noga Waste. You can pride

The 2005 Super Robot War OG 2, which came out of the game Boy Advance, did not listen to a good evaluation in the case of difficulty. If you do not make reset, there are a plurality of missions that are difficult to clear, and beginners are embarrassed. Well, after the time, the captive method is known and the decrease in the decrease is now, but now the “challenge game” feels like a.

By the way, as a challenge game, they began to appear to have taken up to some enemy characters that are made to be a challenge. In the 15th “I came from a star”, three of the four thousands of Inspector (Baby, Shikarogi, Micho Boss) appeared, boasting the overwhelming power. Originally, it is normal to escape from them, and to take a white star, but it is used for a few hours using terrain and nogada, and if you put a lantern dill for a few hours, you have took it. So if you defeat them, Mickey Boss says, “You are a Nogada Waste.” You can pride to others. ” Is this… Award?

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TOP 1. Pogaton Saga – I’m sorry for edit !! (Do not write)

The masterpiece of Sonnie RPG, Poogat Saga is a famous game that has many these scenes. There are only two ‘battle’ in the game, and the ending is like 1. The Elf Man is a scene of meeting Adelbart Schulz, a character of the main character in the Dungeon exploration to find the Delmine to find the ‘VS Runs’ and Delmade Order. The above battles proceed to 1 to 1, and the level and abilities of Adelbart and the abilities of Adelbarts are very high in the very high levels.

However, it is also possible to win the right tactics and tricks in a legitimate way. In the event of a drive, it is possible to pour a poured away from the hold magic and poured away the remote magic. You can win if you blow it. But both ‘never through edit’, ‘Edit, edit… Cancer, but the story will not change! This is a cowardly guy ~ ” Huh, I did not write Edit!?