Nexon (Representative Lee Jeong-hyun) announced on the 7th that the online casual racing game has conducted a school violence campaign with the “Kart Rider” and the North Korean Police Agency.

In the ‘Cart Rider’, the new semester is held in March 16, which is in the game that helps to prevent school violence, and the school violence prevention campaign is held through various events in the game.

First, we will look at the seven school violence types introduced on the official homepage of the ‘Cart Rider’ and opens an event that creates the ‘My Mark’ to prevent it. We provide a ‘helmet fetch (365 days) to the user who will leave the meal with a comment within 30 characters. We pay ‘Nexon Cache (10,000 won) for 100 participants selected through the’ presentation, and lottery.

For users who connect to the game in the event period, ‘Stop acknowledgment! Balloons (100) ‘are provided for free. In addition, it is a “event volume” and ‘Event ticket’ and ‘ Helmet fake character unlimited change.

North Korea's Slow Motion Military - North Korea parade in Slow Motion

In addition, “Police cars V1 (unlimited) ‘,’ Police license plate (365 days), ‘Police Balloon (365), Provides a special compensation for campaigns.