The Nintendo Switch is very popular due to its flexible applications for countless players. Nevertheless, our tech editor bothers a big problem of the handheld console therefore urges: Nintendo, please improve!

A comment by Felix Graves.

Nintendo Switch: I connect a hate love with the console

I do not like to be a moored hardcore fan of the Nintendo Switch, just so, I’m sony-socialized. Nevertheless, I hold the console for quite ingenious , in terms of flexibility neither PlayStation 5 nor Xbox Series X / S can keep up. Handheld, portable and classic console in one – who is looking for, will now only be found at Nintendo. But in one way, the Nintendo Switch regularly drives me to the edge of despair , because often I just do not come up with the motion control of the Joy Controller.

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For a better understanding of an example from Super Mario Party: Marching and lances stinging in the clock or with the baseball bat exactly at the right moment for the perfect homerun – just the many, different mini-games, where it goes about rhythm, have it to me Drummer simply d1. All the more frustrating it is when they are regularly interrupted by system warnings.

I can not count – I still want to make this effort – how often our local switch has instructed me, not so dolling, do not rush so far, etc. I should pay attention to the environment and my players, says it. Well, correct and important , right, I’m doing too. But every time the game is interrupted by the displayed system message. When it comes to the right timing, it’s really annoying to be torn from the flow .


Nintendo Switch: The biggest problem is hardly worth mentioning according to Nintendo

Robert Kohlick

But what can I do? I am beyond the 1.80 m, have long arms and my head refuses so far stubborn to control a baseball bat with a small ling from the wrist than stalls on a miniature table tennis plate.

About the Joy Con-Drift has been complaining for quite some time – right away. Zig YouTube videos show how to fix the problem. But I would need the opportunity to regulate the sensitivity of motion control at the Joy-con . If I swing a digital baseball bat, I have to use my whole arm.

The Nintendo Switch is the BEST Console Ever... (told you!)

Grobmotoriker Chanceless: The Joy-CONS does not work just filigree

From Nintendo’s point of view, this may be a niche problem that affects only a few players. Or you just want to go on number safely? are not made responsible if I’m at home “knock me suggest”? If I do not even play, I can understand that. Nevertheless, it hurts me in the heat of the battle the fun of the game ** and that does not have to be.

And it goes on: I pick up my digital clock stitch for about marching in Super Mario Party, the switch does not rarely register two or even three movements: rough – down. There are no points, not in the game and not for Nintendo. I am probably to Rabiat, will be crammed as a gross motorist.

Despite my difficulties, you are looking forward to Super Mario Party? More about the game in the trailer: _

Nintendo, please help!

Granted, part of the problem could also be explained by latency. A rapid gaming TV does not hurt if you are in front of the same problem. Nevertheless, I would like to break here a lance for all who fail at the lances. You are not al1.

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I would wish that Nintendo works, video game and reality to accomplish each other. Maybe you can do something with OLED and 4K before the release of the new variant? Of course, at least since The Big Bang Theory, we know that the game and console developers can only contribute to us. Who wants to have a real feeling feeling, can be creative and just like Sheldon after archery deduct the arrows from the matte wheel.

So seriously I take Nintendo’s warning then but that I will not buckle my Joy-con with the ring-fit strap to a baseball bat. Finally, I pay attention to my teammates.