The US Washington Post reported about the precision of Russian Twitch distributors after economic sights from the United States and Europe.

Sanctions on Russia: A crippling economy for years to come | DW News

According to the report, one day Twitch sends an email to a partial distributor of Russia, “Payment to financial institutions related to your Twitch accounts, has been blocked as a result of economic sanctions”. In the text, “If we can not prepare an alternative financial institution, we would do our best to pay the earnings that we earn.

Although some deliverers were paying by using PayPal, Russian service outages will be announced on March 5. However, there are also users who continue delivery without payment. The distributor’s Lina narrates “(through delivery) to be able to show my face and emotions, and the connection with the Twitch community is helpful to keep yourself” sail ” Says. However, Lina says that you can only see “Russian Propaganda” if you can not pay Russia by sanctions and you can not pay the net fee.

On the other hand, Alexey “Jesus Avgn” Gubanov, one of the largest Twitch distributors, Russia seems to be affected by sanctions despite moving to the United States against the Putin administration. He said, “Many advertisers leave the Russian market, and the VISA and MasterCard Cards are blocked soon.” The email was received as other Russian distributors.

In addition, he is convinced that Twitch does not block Russian deliverers, but “Russian authorities may block Twitch the facts that you may block Twitch is very realistic.” Is.