Although something overshadowed due to the lack of availability of PlayStation 5 and its new generation exclusive condition, RURNAL is still one of the great arguments to make the jump to the new Sony machine and are arranged to receive its update Ascension 3.0. An expansion that promises to give you a new life to the title including a cooperative mode that will allow us to share our adventure for the Labyrinth of Atropos and adds a totally new location called Torre de Sísis .

an expansion for RURNAL that will be released in an imminent way

Returnal - Ascension State of Play March 2022 Trailer | PS5

Rental: Ascension offers news regarding the gameplay. New biomes and weapons were shown in the trailer of the PlayStation Showcase . The most interesting is the mentioned tower of Sisyphus, which will offer us different phases that will increase in difficulty as we upload plants. In total there are 20 floors, so we can expect a great challenge that will take us a few hours to complete. The only negative thing is that, precisely this novelty, it will not be available in cooperative.

The good news In addition to the new free content, is that you will soon arrive at PlayStation 5. The 3.0 update that you enter Returnal Ascension will reach the game next March 22 . It should be noted that to enjoy cooperative mode we will need a subscription to PlayStation Plus that allows us to enjoy the online functions of the console.