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Cristian Gamboa falls out because of his fifth yellow card, center-back Maxim Leitsch is not operational for Covid-19. Now Danilo Soares also wobbles, who could not train on Wednesday and Thursday for muscular complaints.

On the development of the Brazilian, which is set on the left side of the four-chain, Thomas rice is a little proud of. Because Danilo Soares, extremely ball-proof and accordingly sometimes a bit cocky, has changed his way of playing with 30 years again a bit. Rice forgot him, for example, legs and other quickening tits, because mistakes in such special deposits are particularly evident in the Bundesliga. Danilo Soares holds on the specifications of the coach, which now calls him the “German-Brazilian” because he on the one hand a bit German, so clear and noiseless, on the other hand Brazilian, so very ball-safe occurs.

Soares is one of the important columns in the Bochum Vierkarten, because thanks to its technical skills, it can be relieved again and again and rarely loses a ball, also has a good positioning game. But now he exposes training, his use in Frankfurt is extremely questionable on Sunday evening. Thomas rice does not start a risk in a struck player. On Friday, the Brazilian should return to team training, it does not work, then he remains outward outside to take a risk, because the next Friday is the next home game against Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Bockhorn or Stafylidis – Masovic probably in the starting

Falls soares, the hour could beat for Herbert Bockhorn, who was already much closer to the starting eleven and last no role in the team played more. Among other things, because he does not impose particularly in training, and because in Kostas Stafylidis, another all-rounder, who can play all the wing position, belongs to the squad and significantly more robust appearance than Bockhorn. On Sunday, however, both could be used, stable lidis and bock horn so on the outer positions. Erhan Masovic, this is expected to replace Maxim Leitsch in the internal defense. He had almost lost his place in the team, according to a very solid round. Of course, Thomas rice waives a clear statement, but at least says: “It speaks a lot that Erhan plays in Frankfurt on Sunday.” Then the VFL meets an opponent, the Thomas Rice, whose professional career was once started at Eintracht, has recently impressed with his appearance in the Europa League.

The game of Eintracht Betis Silvia has followed rice on Wednesday evening on the TV and watched the highly deserved 2: 1 victory of Eintracht with. According to the Bochum coach, the Frankfurter would have to win “even more clearly, though Betis has a pretty good team”. In any case, the Bochumer put the entrance with a very early and a very late gate on the cross. Already in the third minute Danny Blum had taken care of for the 1: 0, with the second goal Sebastian Polter in the detention time did all clear.