Dying Light 2 : 5 Hidden Changes in patch 1.2
Like many games in open world, Dying Light 2: Stay Human was unlikely to go out without a number of post-launch patches. Now available on PC while waiting for consoles, patch 1.2 can testify.

The objective of this detailed patch here is to solve the most important worries reassembled by the players, which were already more than 3 million to explore the vast environment of the game a few days after its exit. Among the most important patches of this update, first indicate the elimination of all reported cases of “Death Loop”, in other words, with a loop dead sitting at a purely and simply resume control of the game. Other bugs that could impede the progression have also been corrected on a number of quests as well as in safe areas. Add to that the correction of stability problems, such as planting or black screens in certain situations, particularly in cooperation.

On the technical side, we note the introdification of a high-performance preset that optimizes graphics and allows playing on older computers and laptops. Dying Light 2 should also operate more fluidly from the first launch through dx12 cache enhancements. Causeway to launch, AVX technology has been abandoned. Techland has also made improvements to outdoor lighting, shadows and motion blur that can be maintained adjusting the intensity and distance.

The fighting is also the subject of different improvements, whether in the behavior of some enemies, the sensations with the opponent weapons or the reactions of the enemies to the impacts according to the different types of weapons. These improvements will also be felt in collisions and sounds, with a more natural and different in accordance with the weapons used, the direction of the blow, the place of the impact or when an attack falls with violence from the top.

The interface has not been forgotten. Players can now choose to view, hide or reveal certain elements (health, selection of objects, time). As for the meaning of the survivor, it now works correctly and can be triggered without any recharge time after being touched or have performed specific Parkour actions. Let’s add that the fight against the final boss and the end sequence were also treated.