XLE Games launches the Aki World, an Aki-Cue block, which is an Akiege Block chain in July. At the Aki World, NFT applies and the Representative of XLA Games Song Jae-kyung is directly involved in developing.

In an existing game, the main items / assets / character ownership, which was not legally recognized as user ownership, gives gamers. Based on the Akiei housing system, land, houses, and pet, ride, equipment, etc. can be owned and trading with NFT. XLAGES is not a plan to do not affect the game balance for company profit.

The Aki World Economy System is a game token (BSLT) issued by the Cacao Games Sales, BSLT (BSLT) and the main spindle in the game. You can acquire archemos through various activities in the game, which can be used as a character growth material. In addition, you can deal with the Akinum based on Blue Solts in the game exchanges, and Blue Salt can be obtained through the violet.


The XLA Games will conduct Aki World Pre-registration by the 14th to 23rd. Participants provide Aki World Official Fandom Card NFT Primary Mint on March 28. Fandom card NFT provides a randomly aimed at 2,600 Aki Aji’s unique race male / female cards, 2,600, Yata, Phi, and Moo 25.

XLASES GENGES Choi, Ki-ho, a joint representative, “plans to increase the fluidity of the game token and NFT, which is on the environment provided by the Bora platform, and the company provides a minimal platform, and all the transactions aimed at freeing the user, “I am looking forward to the support of gamers as” I am preparing for the “March 1st NFT Mint,” and “March 1,”

For more information, see Aki World Official Pages.