Netmarble has launched a platform MBX and MBX Walette, a platform, a self-generated monetary-based block chain.

MBX is based on Klayton (KLAYTN) mains, and it is focusing on building the ecosystem to enhance the game by combining the block chain technology in the game, strengthening fun, and providing reasonable compensation.

How does a blockchain work - Simply Explained

Netmarble distributes MBX (tokens) that is utilized as a currency with MBX open. From on the 17th, the Tollary Financial Services (DEFI) Claus swaps can trade MBX in a token swap manner.

In addition, the MBX Wallet app also launched. In the Wallet app, the MBX archive, along with the MBX store, such as gaming goods, such as the game token, and token swap functions between MBX and Clayton (KLAY). It is aimed at providing the ability to swap the game token to MBXL, in the Wallet app in April.

Netmarble shows MBX Explorer (MBX Explorer) to see MBX transactional information in the future, and the second country (global), monster tame Arena, Marvel of All: Meta World, etc., is a block-based game.

For more information, see the MBX official website.