Season finale in Oslo! With the mass start biathlon ladies deny today their last race of the World Cup season. Here you can watch the whole thing in the live ticker.

Once the ladies in biathlon in this World Cup season may still ran with our live ticker for the mass start you stay up to date.

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Biathlon: Mass Start Ladies in Oslo NOW LIVE Scores

suspense until the end

On the subsequent run round is now the real thing! The Olympic champion Justine Braisaz-Bouchet seems to be able to mobilize forces and makes powerful steam. Behind fights Lisa Theresa Hauser doggedly to the port and Janina Hettich still looks good.

Last shooting

Franziska Preuss turn something falls back and goes to one penalty in fifth on the final lap in this race. Even in third place Janina Hettich was classified, but it has probably still the attacks of Marte Olsbu Röiseland and Elvira Öberg resist.

Last shooting

Now it gets serious! Reserves Lisa Theresa Hauser at the final shooting the nerves and is the first to the final round? No! The Austrian starts again now really strong, but then left to stand for the last slice. Better make it Justine Braisaz-Bouchet, who suddenly in the lead.

Fresh impression of Eylau

Runs Risch in the best shape of the German team is apparently that can be improved on the route to sixth place Franziska Preuss and together with Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold, Linn Persson and Elvira Öberg is underway.

Röiseland comes ran

Marte Olsbu Röiseland has closed the gap to Dorothea Wierer closed on the route currently great effort seems to have. A few seconds behind press Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold and Elvira Öberg at the following locations on the pace.

3. Shoot

The voltage curve rises again, because the first athletes arrive at their third shooting. This time it is take all disks in the standing position. In Linn Persson now comes the first error and Elvira Öberg veers into a penalty from. Lisa Theresa Hauser, however, is now again really strong, all disks shoots around and goes back to the first trail.

Also Hettich is

Franziska Hildebrand behind Janina Hettich could avoid the penalty, also in both Lying attacks and is still among the top ten. Meanwhile, up front minded Elvira Öberg to the leading duo Lisa Theresa Hauser and Linn Persson.

Voigt in midfield

From a German perspective Vanessa Voigt was placed in the mass start rating from the race at best and had a backlog of 35 points on the leading Dorothea Wierer. After an error, the German is but just only in 13th place.

2. Shoot

For Franziska Preuss says, however, turn this time into the penalty and complete 150 extra meters. With tenth place and a gap of 26 seconds but it is still the middle of the race for the best seats. In contrast, Franziska Hildebrand came a second time without an error by and is currently in fifth place the best DSV athlete.

2. Shoot

The leadership group is now almost closed again back to the second pr1. nevertheless Marte Olsbu Röiseland defines itself as the first athlete to the mat, but has in the penalty loop. Especially Lisa Theresa Hauser and Linn Persson are then fairly quickly shoot, take everything and take the lead.

Öberg-double in the pursuit

Behind Marte Olsbu Röiseland Elvira Öberg and Linn Persson try to keep the connection. In the slipstream also Lisa Theresa Hauser and Franziska Preuss are. Overall, the distances are in the second round run but still very low.

Röiseland steams ahead

Marte Olsbu Röiseland makes on the track as usual right pace and a small cushion on the rest of the leading group has developed. The Norwegian is currently four seconds ahead of the rest of the field.

1. Shoot

Denise Herrmann equal to a cartridge went wrong and Tiril Eckhoff has already gyrate once the penalty loop. In contrast, Dorothea Wierer mastered the first task at the shooting flawless and the front runners.

1. Shoot

Dinner is served for the first shooting in the final mass start! Who comes on the first prone stage by best? It’s Julia Simon, who manages to take all five targets and go to the first position back on track. The DSV athletes Franziska Preuss and Vanessa Voigt come to kick off without fail by and remain in the top flight.

As reflected Wierer?

Biathlon World Cup Women Mass Start Holmenkollen, NOR 2021-2022

As mentioned, Dorothea Wierer is traveling in the red jersey of the leading in the mass start. On Friday, the Italian’s in the sprint only landed on the completely disappointing 67th place and missed the persecution. Today, it requires a significant increase in performance when she wants to build the small crystal ball.

Herrmann at the top

At the first meters it is Denise Herrmann, which dictates the pace on the trail. The German currently runs at the front, immediately behind it, the Swedish Elvira and Hanna Öberg and Marte Olsbu Roiseland from Norway have ranked.

best conditions

The outer conditions present in Oslo for the end of the season again from the best side. The sun radiates at temperatures of just under seven degrees above the freezing point above the stadium. For this, the wind on the shooting range should not play a big role.

Here we go!

The traditional starting signal opens the final race of women in this winter! From three start corridors, the 30 runners tackle the first of a total of five 2.5 kilometers long running rounds. As usual, the 25 best athletes of the entire World Cup are entitled to start. There are also the five best ski hunters of the current weekend.

Biathlon: Mass start of the ladies in Oslo today in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: Häcki as single fighter

For the Swiss team, a fairly grown season ends with just a few highlights. After all, Lena Häcki could qualify through the ranks 18 and 19 at the two previous days for the final competition. Unfortunately Selina Gasparin did not make this, whose career ends now. ‘According to this Olympic season, I see the ideal time to finish my long journey as an active biathletin. I will remain a variety of fantastic, unforgettable experiences and off the trails and shooting rates, the 37-year-old said.

Before starting: the ÖSV-Duo

The Austrian Ski Association wants to pass through the figurehead Lisa Theresa Hauser dearly from the winter. Already on Friday, the 28-year-old was in the sprint as second on the podium, in the pursuer she had a decent sixth place. ‘The race today was really cool again. I could bring good points again and may also be with a Flower Ceremony, which of course me extremely pleased, Hauser said after yesterday’s race. As a second runner from the red-white-red camp, Dunja Zdouc will mix in mass start.

Before starting: Herrmann leads DSV team

At the end of the winter, the runners of the German Ski Association are in the best constitution, which has shown the previous two races on Holmenkollen again. First of all at Denise Herrmann agrees with the form that landed among the top ten in the past six competitions and jumped three times on the podium. Franziska Preuß has also found back to the old strength after her health problems with the middle of the season. In addition, Vanessa Complete Voigt, Franziska Hildebrand and Janina Hettich the DSV bid.

Before starting: Voltage in the mass start rating

What stands for the runners just on the game? The large crystal ball for the victory in the overall World Cup has been awarded since yesterday to the Norwegian Marte Olsbu Roiseland, which finally finally refined her outstanding season after the five Olympic medals. In contrast, nothing is decided in the discipline rating of the mass start. There is currently Dorothea Wierer from Italy at the first position and is chased by the Swedine Elvira Öberg and Justine Braisaz-Bouchet. Many other athletes also have mathematical opportunities on the small crystal ball.

Before starting: At yesterday’s persecution, Olympic vianal Denise Herrmann made the fifth place, the victory won the Norwegian Tiril Eckhoff, as already in the sprint.

Before starting: Around 12:50 pm, the starting signal should fall to the last race of the season today.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the mass start of the ladies in Oslo!

Biathlon: Mass launch of the ladies in Oslo today on TV and Livestream

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