The Englishman of SuperMassive Games stay faithful and work on a new horror game.

The makers of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology are today revealing another horror game. This afternoon there is more information about the title named The Quarry, who should offer a new kind of grude experience. Whether the only empty marketing blubber is or the developers really have put something innovative on their legs will clarify in a few hours. At 14 o’clock the project should be revealed, where 2K games acts as a publisher.

The Quarry | Official Announce Trailer | 2K

Just a few weeks ago, first clues to The Quarry had surfaced, as supermassive games had the brand name to protect. Already at that time, the colleagues of Videogames Chronicle reported that 2K Games would take over the role of the publisher.

What it goes in the game is not known. But a look at the German teaser side shows that it is probably a title of the harder gait. Unlike Until Dawn and the consequences of the Dark Pictures Anthology, the USK-18 logo can be found on the website.