WWE 2K22 presents new recycled controls with new features of the gameplay. After a year, a 2K SPORTS breakout break released the WWE game with a new, but already familiar control. Here are all controls and new additions to the elements of the game process control in WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K22 NEW CONTROLS And How They Will Work
In the updated WWE 2K22 controls, there is a special motion modifier that activates the final movements, signatures and returns to return, holding L2 (PlayStation) or L1 (xbox) and pressing the front button. Also in WWE 2K22, a completely new protective system has been added, which makes matches more realistic when exchanging.

Protective controls

WWE 2K22 has new ways to protect themselves, including blocking, evasion and deeper reversal system. Blocking is effective against light attacks, and evasion allows you to leave the way. Reversing system requires you to enter buttons prompts depending on what movement you attack. In WWE 2K22 there is no reversing stock, both in previous games, so there are much more opportunities for reversing moves.


The capture system has several new elements of the gameplay, including portable captures and combination of grippers. To carry an opponent, grab it and press R1 (PlayStation) or RB (Xbox). The transfer can be performed by four different capture movements using the left joystick and at the same time pressing the carrying button.

To learn more about WWE 2K22 management elements, check out the section “How to perform Breakers in WWE 2K22” in the game manuals for professionals.