A new calaboons and dragons The competitive table game will soon arrive at Wizkids. The Nicholas Yu Game Designer revealed on Twitter that he was the designer of a new mazmorras and Dragones -Ematic tablet-titled Dragones and dungeons: Embeded. The game was in Expo range during the weekend and will be a “game Of competitive skirmishes »in which players fight against rival adventurers and monsters looking for glory. The game will include 21 miniatures and will have the Harpers and Zhentim features of Forgotten Realms. Interestingly, Wizkids seems to be building a new line of games around _Mazmorras and Dragons: Embeded, since it will be supported by regular content and games and tournaments in the store. The game will also have a new combat dialing card system to track statistics during combat.

Wizkids previously published a miniature battle game called D & D: Ala of Attack, _ that presented players by choosing dragon teams and other aerial creatures to use in battle. That game finally launched 10 waves of expansions, which allowed players to choose terrestrial units and Dragon gods like Tiamat and Bahamut. An elevena wave for _D & D: Ala of Attack was announced but never released.

What are The Forgotten Realms of Dungeons and Dragons?

Of course, from the launch of D & D: Attacking wing, _ Wizkids has drastically increased its line of D & D miniatures with hundreds of new miniatures. Players are likely to buy specific products _D & D: Embeded Thumbnails for use in the game, but we will see how much crossing has Wizkids between their miniature line (which includes huge dragons and demons) and their new set of miniature skirmishes. Calaboons and dragons It has also drastically increased its popularity in recent years, which probably means that more players will be interested in immersing themselves in some kind of derivative game based on skirmishes.

A formal ad for Dragones and dungeons: Embeded is expected soon. The game will be launched in the third quarter of 2022.