GODFALL, the loot-rich Action RPG that was announced for the first time and presented as a key launch title of PlayStation 5, heading for the Xbox 16 months after its inception – which means it will not be More an exclusivity of the PlayStation console. As a specific website in PlayStation, this Xbox ad not obviously does not mean much for us, but we think it offers a decent opportunity to come back to Godfall.

This is a secret for anyone that the game has endured a road for pitfalls. Initial reviews were disappointed in November 2020, and despite constant updates and fleshy expansion, Godfall struggled to maintain a presence in the eyes of the public. And to be clear, we do not think that Godfall has never been a bad game – it just never lived up to its potential as a “new generation” version, and things slipped from there.

Of course, Godfall also ended up on PS4 – seven months after its launch on PS5 – which still seems odd. But what may have been the biggest counterpour occurred when Godfall: Challenger Edition has been added to the PlayStation Plus game range for December 2021. At first glance, it was surely a good decision, bringing a cooperative title apparently In trouble with a massively popular game subscription service – but it was not the full package of Godfall. Instead, Challenger Edition has precipitated players towards the end of the game, jumping the main story of Godfall alongside a true sense of progression.

Needless to say, the subscribers were not happy – and the saga certainly did not help Godfall’s already rough reputation.

And that’s about everything, really. You could say that Godfall has been treated a little unjustly so far – again, the game is decent, especially if you like your booties – but we are there, just at the end of the exclusive Playstation of Godfall, and it looks like the game did not have a significant impact.

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