Pokémon Go ‘s latest event called Lush Jungle is coming to an end. But it’s time to harvest the fruits. Especially with the Lush Jungle Weekend Park Spotlight is now the best time to jump in the Lush Jungle and catch a cott1. In addition, the rumor is about that it can be shiny in Pokemon Go for the first time. Here’s all you need to know about how to catch Cottonee and whether it can be shiny in Pokemon Go.

Lush Jungle Weekend Park in the spotlight

As already mentioned, Lush Jungle offers the latest Alola event in Pokemon Go, a weekend park in the spotlight exclude. This event is similar, but slightly different than a Spotlight Hour. There are many opportunities to catch a debut-pokémon like a fantis or a Tapu Lele before the end of Lush Jungle, so do not miss it.

How to catch Cottonee

The best chance to catch Cottonee in Pokemon Go is the Lush Jungle Weekend Park Spotlight . The Spotlight Event starts on Saturday, March 26, 2022, at 10:00 o’clock local time and takes to Sunday, March 27, 2022, at 20:00 local time. During this time, Cottonee will appear more frequently in parks. Since the Lush Jungle event focuses mainly on Grass Pokémon, the highlight of Cottonee, a Pokémon of Type Fairy and Grass, in its own Lush Jungle Weekend Park Spotlight is the perfect degree.

Can Cottonee be shiny?


Yes, for the first time in Pokemon Go, Cottonee can be shiny . These are always exciting news for Shiny hunters, but even if they are not particularly interested in catching every existing Shiny Pokémon, Shiny Cottonee is a really cute Pokémon that you can add to your collection. Usually, Cottonee is a white fluff ball with green tones and green leaf ears, but the shiny version of Cottonee transforms it into gold. The eyes that are usually golden at the standard Cottoee are also green in the glossy version of Cottonee.

While the Lush Jungle Weekend Park Spotlight does not increase the rate, with the shiny Cottones, technically not increased, it will increase the spawnrate of all types of Cottone’s in general. Nevertheless, this is still the best chance to catch a shiny Cottone before it becomes extremely difficult. So, go out and get a shiny Cottone! If you are looking for other helpful tips and tricks, you definitely read our Pokemon go instructions. Good luck coach!

Pokémon Go is now available on mobile devices.

  • This article was updated on March 22, 2022

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