Best Of Twitch #51 Meowko BANNED By Twitch | Maya's Home Shot At By Neighbours
Who Twitch and the many Streamer tracks the platform, who has certainly already noticed how often the company swings the spannhammer. One of the most famous examples of blockages in which the reasons remain unclear is Dr Disrespect, who moved to the competitor Youtube after a permanent spell.

The streamers Indiefxx and Amouranth are also popular candidates for a temporary break, often because of sexual content or twitch as inappropriate evaluated free movement. The two should be one of the reasons why Twitch announced recently, soon to allow more sexual content – assuming these are explicitly marked.

Streamerin Meowko Banned: What is the reason for the blocking?

In the yesterday streamer Meowko , however, there are contradictions regarding the ban-ground. When the Twitter account streamer bans proclaimed the blocking of the Japanese entertainer, it did not take long until they responded to the message. In their view, the blocking is more than unjust:

_ “Today is my birthday, thank you for the surprise ban from the past stream. I was blocked because I wore training clothes during cooking. I had completed a home workout during the stream, which made me hungry, So I started cooking. Apparently, Twitch did not like that. “_

In addition, the streamer had posted two screenshots, which are to come from her spann message from Twitch. There was a reason why Meowko have been a “augmented reality avatar with inadequate cover” _ used as well as “worn a bikini or swimsuit” _.

Especially with regard to the first point, the streamer reacted with incomprehension, where they do not use such avatar. In the comments, however, a Twitter user posted a screenshot from the stream of Meowko, just before she was banned. The clothes she bears there is difficult to justify as “training clothes” and should have been too liberty twitch.

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