After a good year in commissioner function, Heke Ullrich officially becomes the first Secretary-General in the 122-year history of the German Football Confederation.

The appeal of the earlier proxy, which has already been operational since the withdrawal of Friedrich Curtius in May 2021 as a Secretary-General, was expected to take place on a proposal of the new DFB President Bernd Neuendorf.

DOI Keynote: U.S Department of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland – November 17, 2021

The previous “transitional solution” Ullrich leads the operative business from Friday and thus also belongs to the DFB Presidium.

“We move ourselves in challenging and very dynamic times, at the same time, in the coming months and years, outstanding football events offer, which offer great opportunities for football and DFB,” said Ullrich, who on Thursday with Neuendorf at the Congress of the World Association Fifa in Qatar stayed: “Coping with the challenges as well as the use of the chances can only happen in the team and together.”

Neuendorf had already announced before his choice to continue to put on the diplomed German Footballs economist. “I am very pleased that we get a Secretary-General for the first time at the DFB with Heike Ullrich,” said the president.

He treasures them for their “competence, their empathy and their commitment. She has proven in recent months that the management of central administration is in good hands.”

Ullrich began in 1996 in the DFB department of playing with the focus theme women’s and girls football. Since January 1, 2018, she leads the DFB Directorate associations, clubs and leagues, in addition, since July 2020, Ullrich has acted as Deputy Secretary-General.