Sweden’s Fast Travel Games announced that the VR version “ CITIES: VR ” of the urban construction simulation was released on April 28 (29th Japan), and the game play video has been released.

Cities VR [PC] Gameplay Walkthrough

This work is a VR dedicated version of “ CITIES: Skylines (Cities: Skyline) ” released in 2015, such as Paradox Interactive sales, COLOSSAL ORDER development. As the original, it is a single play, and will be the mayor and form an ideal city while looking at the situation of citizens and economy.

This video is introduced on the actual game play screen in the video published with the announcement of April 29th, Japan. Beginning with the free road laying of the original, in addition to operations such as electricity and water supply, partition designation, and tax rate setting, cars run in the city, and the citizens walked in the city.

In addition, as an operation for urban construction, it can be confirmed that you have a tool palette with one hand and make a partition in a form that draws a picture with the other hand, or extend the road..

In addition, at the time of the “CITIES: SKYLINES” 7th anniversary broadcast, it is clear that it will be supported to be able to expand the content even after release, and it is suggested that there is also a possibility of deployment to other VR platforms. Is.

“CITIES: VR”, which is also possible to feel the liveliness of the city from the sky or feels the city’s liveliness from the side of the street you made in the street, and responds to Japanese for META QUEST 2, QUEST Store usually plans to be released on April 29 for 2,990 yen. Currently, we have received a preceding reservation with 10% off 2,690 yen.