It took 5 years, but now it is finally here: the group function for the Nintendo Switch. After installing the new console update, players can then sort their games in folders and clean up their play library.

Nintendo has published for the switch a new update , which finally gives you the opportunity to organize your games on the hybrid console according to your preferences. The group feature allows you to create your own folders and add installed software for a better overview.

Nintendo Switch: New updates creates order

With the update 14.0.0. You can now divide the home screen of your Nintendo Switch at will. Thanks to the group function you can now create folders, who can name themselves and fill with your games . The only prerequisites for this are that you have to install more than 12 games on your switch – and of course downloaded the update.

On your switch, you can now create up to 100 different folders – and enter up to 200 games per group. Even players with a gigantic games library will now be able to bring order to the chaos. (Source: Nintendo)

To create groups on your switch, you have to scroll in the home menu to the right and select “All Software” . Then click on the L button and can create a new group in a pop-up during the first time.

Now you can choose the desired games in the next window and add them to the group.

After you have created your first group, you can add new groups to the “+” button ** in the future.

Update also improves Bluetooth audio

In addition to the long-awaited feature, the switch games finally in groups can be classified in groups, allowing you to update 14.0.0. In addition, the volume to control both the Nintendo Switch as well as connected Bluetooth devices . In addition, the maximum volume for some Bluetooth devices was also increased. (Source: Nintendo)

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In this video we test for you the new Nintendo Switch OLED: