Elden Ring Offline : The server of the action role-playing game are currently down. About the short message service Twitter, from software informs that today’s maintenance work. The downtime already runs: The servers have not reached since 10 o’clock. Multiplayer or co-skirmishes are not possible within the maintenance, as well as logins and play contributions. Everything goes according to plan, the multiplayer part returns at 11 o’clock. The developers therefore expect a downtime duration of one hour . Note that the information is not carved in stone and can still change.

Elden Ring Update 1.03.3 Patch Notes

Is a new update?

Whether in the course of the downtime also a new update is due, has not been known so far. From Software has no information mentioned in this regard. As soon as we reach us more details, you will learn about this as usual on our website. The previous patch in version 1.03.2 was published on 23 March – also after a server-downtime.

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From David Martin
04.04.2022 at 10:14