At one, all agreed at the Dazn microphone after the final whistle: the 1: 1 between Gladbach and Mainz have consisted of “two completely different half times”. While his Gladbacher still showed “good position game” in the first half and “well-started”, coach Hütter had to confess that after the side change did not take much of the Borussia.

Summer prevents failed HUTTER COMBACK

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“In the second half we have given the game out of hand, we had no relief,” the Austrian sucked together after his first game after corona-added pause. In the end, the guests were even closer to the victory: “Mainz was better and we have to thank Sommer, that he held this point with his aliens parades.”

Also Captain Stindl did not come around to pronounce a compliment on his return to his representative: “In the end we luck and Yann Sommer, that we have the point here.” His team showed a strong performance before the half-time break: “The idea and the position game were good.” But “it was so bad then in the second pass”, in which Stindl was missing the discharge.

Sometimes it twitches at night.

Yann Summer

Summer himself did not want to hang his performance and specifically his great reflex shortly after resource whistle, “that sometimes there is sometimes the night so”, the Swiss analyzed the scene in which “you simply tried, something to make “with a smile.

Missing Constance remains the Gladbacher companion

Not at all laughing was the national goal in the repeated problem of consecounced: “Unfortunately, that accompanies us relatively long that we play a good first half and then come out and have problems.” Too easy, the Gladbach’s back team had always been playing out again and again, the rooms were for the FSV – which is why all Gladbacher agreed not only in terms of very different halves: “We were lucky that we did not have lost.”

Now it should work for Fürth for the Borussia next Saturday (15.30, Live! At game) against Fürth. Whether the Gladbachern succeeds in constant over the entire 90 minutes is unclear. On summer, however, it seems to be rating.