Julien Bam is one of the most widely strongest German Youtubern and is known for self-produced music videos and short films. With Sonic The Hedgehog, although Julien does not rise completely new to synchrot work, but it is by far the biggest role that he should speak until now.

In the interview, we ask him how he got the role and in front of which challenges he was. In addition to personal anecdotes, there is also a little insight into the work as a newcomer in the industry. Of course, Julien also has an opinion on the presentation of Sonic’s personality and who should look at the movie and his continuation.

PC Games: How did you come to Sonic?

Julien: We got this request because I was with my manager in a snack, since this call came in and I, of course, was cheered directly and called in the phone “I’ll do it in vain!” Simple because I found it so horny. After that, there was a casting again, I could also use a bit of what I’ve learned from one’s own main video productions of recent years, since I have had a lot with ADR (subsequent recording of dialogue) to do.

PC Games: How much time did you have to enter the role?

SONIC 2 bekommt MAKEOVER von uns.... oh gott
Julien: It started directly, we looked at the unfinished film first. Since you ask yourself how should the text fit on the mouth movement? In the unfinished state there was hardly movement and sometimes some places still felt felt five pictures animated the second. It was quite a challenge. Of course we have talked a lot with the director and the editor, but in the end will simply be started.

PC Games: Your experience is rather in the field of production instead of Synchro, did you have the chance to participate in localization?

Julien: not at all, zero. I would have reluctant to cut this responsibility to cut the trailer or to say that this or another scene would be better. I prefer to do that.

PC Games: between the first and the second part, what have been the biggest differences for you?

PC Games: You used to play the Sonic games, do you find the personality of Sonic in the films is suitable for him?

Julien: When I think of Sonic, I remember the time in Singapore on the Old Sega, where I had to puffen the batch casses to get the whole ants out! Although I had never imagined Sonic, he fits perfectly.

PC Games: Would you say that you can identify with Sonic?

Julien: Yes, maybe when I was younger and the fastest in elementary school. But I believe in so much euphoria and so much adventure lust, who can identify with it, is definitely very crass.

PC Games: Who would you recommend watching the movie?

Julien: everyone! People in my age who had touch points with Sonic, or even younger. I can not imagine that someone had such a different idea of Sonic and so insists that Sonic must be just as much that this person had no fun with the movie. Then of course, younger ones, because the movie is totally fun, the jokes are good, it’s a great adventure, but also on older ones, as humor is also directed to them.

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