Intel announced the Intel Blockscale ASIC (ASIC) new product on April 5 and released the relevant details. Application-intended integrated circuits (ASICs), which Intel developed as research and development, is scheduled to provide a hashing capabilities, which is an excellent energy efficiency of the proof-of-work network.

Balaji Kanigicherla (Balaji Kanigicherla) Terms of Custom Vice and Acceleration Computing Systems and Graphics Groups, “Continuous momentum surrounding the block chain creates a way to an innovative business model and makes distributed computing possible. Intel To promote the new computing era, we support solutions that provide a halling throughput and energy-efficient balance, regardless of the customer’s operating environment. Intel conducts research and development for decades for encryption, hashing technology and ultra low voltage circuits. I have come, and I can expand the computing capacity of the block chain in a sustainable way. “

The computing requirement, which is a block body that utilizes the work proof consensus mechanism, has a surge in demand due to its extensible capabilities and resilience without inhibiting the dispersion of the block chain. Because these computing capabilities require a large amount of energy, we require new computing techniques with durability to supply the necessary power in a more energy efficiency, and to reduce electronic waste problems in the long term.

Intel Block Scale ASIC will provide energy efficiency and computing capabilities that meet extensibility and sustainability goals for ASIC-based systems and work proof algorithms compatible with SHA-256 hashing. Also, when considering the nature of the silicon required for the product, Intel can supply large quantities without affecting the CPU or GPU supply.

Jose Rios (Jose Rios) The block chain of Intel Acceleration Computing System and Graphics Group, and the overall of the business solution, “Intel is committed to developing a block chain in a responsible manner. In addition, “I am proud to be able to cooperate with worldwide companies,” Intel Block Scale ASICs are able to achieve both goals that the bit coin mining company is sustainability and hashing rate expansion for a few years I will play an important role. “

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The main function of the Intel Block Scale ASIC is a safe hash algorithm (SHA-256) ASIC dedicated processor, up to 580GH / s hashing, up to 26J / th power efficiency, on-chip temperature and voltage sensing function, up to 256 integrated circuits per chains, Support, hardware design and software stack for reference is promoting customer system development.

Intel Block Scale ASIC will begin shipment from 3Q022. Agro blocks, Block Inc., a hive block of Technologies and Grid Infrastructure will be the first customer to develop new systems based on Intel’s ASIC. Intel is scheduled to work with customers who share Intel’s sustainability goals in 2023 and afterwards.